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The Martial Arts School That Teaches Respect, Confidence, and Discipline

We focus on what matters most to every individual by providing classes that help students reach their highest potential. Blending modern karate, self-defence, and fitness, every class aims to build every person's strength, character, and confidence!

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Exceptional Martial Arts Classes for Your Body and Mind

Here at The Black Belt Academy, we are here to help you succeed in school, fitness, and life outside class. Our program focuses on hands-on coaching and comprehensive teaching methods to help you in your journey. Together with the finest instructors in Dorset, we bring years of in-depth knowledge and expertise to each session. 

We welcome all men, women, and kids of all ages and experiences to bring positive change to their lives! Join us today at Hillside First School in Verwood and The Littledown Centre in Bournemouth!

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Little Dragons (4-6)
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Kids Karate (6 Years & Over)
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Adults Traditional Karate (all ages)
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Adult Kick-Fit
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