Participating in Martial Arts Classes?


If I asked you “what do you think you learn from your Martial arts lesson”, most people initially respond with “Being taught to kick and punch”.

However as someone who is passionate about teaching and continuing to give the best service I can to all my student and families, below is a list of what you actually get when you come to a class:
– A life coach
– A Psychologist
– A Mentor
– An Inspirer
– A Supporter
– A Friend
– A Problem Solver
– A Stress Reliever
– Being encouraged to believe in yourself
– A Personal trainer
– Strength, Flexibility, and Weight loss
– Being taught personal victory
– Someone on call for you 24/7
– Someone who can encourage you and your children to have Respect, Patience, Humility, Discipline, Perseverance, Empathy, Courtesy, Listening Skills, Loyalty, and self control just to name a few.
– Being taught how to work hard and enjoy life
– Being held accountable for your actions
– Being encouraged to set and REACH your goals
– Someone who will hug you when your down and pick you up when you have fallen
– Someone who teaches you to stand up to bullies
– Knowledge, Wisdom, Martial Arts Training, Opportunity, Training Equipment, and a safe training hall to train in.
– Someone who puts their heart and soul into you
– Someone who has spent their entire life in training to assist you.

Still thinking you are paying too much for your ‘Kicking and Punching’ Classes?

Would a Doctor, Lawyer, Plumber, Carpenter, Dentist,Chef, Mechanic, Dressmaker or Shop Owner offer all of the above in addition to their regular service that they charge for?

It is my goal to continually develop both physically and mentally to ensure I am constantly learning and improving. This way I can help my students further develop a lifestyle that will improve theirs and their families life’s for the future.

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