One of the great things that attracts me about teaching Martial Arts is the way in which I can help and Influence children’s behaviour and development.

The video linked below is a recent social experiment displaying, to parents, just how easy children are prepared to go with someone they don’t know.

You tube Video: Child Abduction

It is important that children are not put off or scared into thinking all strangers are “bad”, however they do need to understand a) the type of person to go to for help if needed b) the type of person who should set alarm bells off.

We all say if lost or in trouble go to a policeman and don’t talk to strangers, however if your child is in trouble there probably isn’t a policeman around so what type of stranger do they approach?

We explain in our Academy that most strangers are good people but if your in trouble choosing a mum who has kids with her is the best option for help. This is due in two parts 1) you can always find a mum with kids wherever you go 2) explaining what maternal instinct is and how it makes a mum need to help a child in trouble. Knowing these two rules helps to develop your child’s confidence and ability to decide who best to help them as opposed to letting circumstances happen to them.

So, what would your child do if they’re approached by someone as in the video?

Would they know how to deal with the situation? would they go as easily as the children from the video?

It is often a scary proposition to think about this happening to your child however with the correct training and tools ALL children can be given the necessary skills to deal with something like this.

We hear stories in the news of kids being approached and abducted by adults, however it can also be children who convince other kids to go with them. Case in point Jamie Bulger several years ago.

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