The Black Belt Academy has 3 core beliefs which form our ethos and are the reasons why I feel you should join us.

Core Belief Number 1
We are the friendliest place in town – let me explain this, if you are considering a martial art activity for fitness or self defence or are just looking for a different past time then I can personally guarantee that you will not find a more friendly, welcoming and open academy. Many people think that a martial arts class is full of sweaty men beating the hell out of each other or that they will have a brick broken over their head. Some may even believe they will have to spar with the instructors or that they will be “cannon fodder” for the experienced students. At The Black Belt Academy this is categorically NOT the welcome you will receive!!

Core Belief Number 2
We only teach great classes not just good classes – did you know that our instructors and coaching team meet train and practice their teaching skills? Our team of talented instructors have all been taught to a very high standard and because each and every class is pre-planned based on our teaching curriculum they are always interesting, challenging and fun!

Core Belief Number 3
We do not teach hobbies – I know my attitude to this might cause some friction but we teach people to defend themselves, in both physical and mental ways. I have so many testimonials from parents and adults who have benefitted from our programmes that my belief is founded on fact. We teach people to realise they can walk away from danger or trouble, that they don’t need to fight but should they have to defend themselves that they can do so and still walk away unhurt! So we teach a valuable life skill, not a hobby. To underline my belief let me share with you an event that happened recently – I was chatting with a mother about her lad that wanted to quit our classes and take up street dance, when I asked her about this she said that he already had so many hobbies that he needed to cut down. I asked her if he had learnt to swim yet, which he had, so I asked why she made him learn to swim, “it could save his life one-day”, she exclaimed.
At our Academy our lessons are an adjunct to your child’s education.
Anything else is compromise!
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