Meditation & Mindfulness

There are many reasons why being more mindful and focusing on meditation add tremendous health and well-being benefits to our lives.

The more consistent we are, the more benefits we see. However, I want to focus on one specific area that is crucial in mediation: Energy.

Our energy levels are the key to our success. The more energy we have, the more momentum we have for completing tasks in our everyday lives.
Energy, as with so many things, is a habit. So what is the source of our energy? Is it meditation, taking a brisk walk, doing a workout?
The first way to generate energy for yourself is by focusing on three areas. These are:

  • Your voice
  • Your breath
  • Your posture

A fantastic way to create internal energy is leaning a ‘power posture’. It could be something like standing in a Superman pose. Imagine the posture, hands-on-hips, chest proud, head tilted up, breathing through the nose deeply using the diaphragm. Using this type of posture for 2 minutes has been proven to reduce the stress hormone, Cortisol by 25%.

Now you try; think about a posture that inspires or motivates you – start small. Holding that pose or posture for 30 seconds is a great start. Focus on your breathing – in through your nose, out of your mouth. Try to inhale for 4-5 seconds and exhale for the same time. The more you control your
breathing, the more mindful you start to become about your body.

This exercise is a great way to help deal with stressful situations. Now, let’s focus on creating energy for when you feel depressed or anxious. Well, when you feel like this, remember: Motion Creates Emotion. I know it’s easier said than done – but when you are feeling low, try walking up a set of stairs 2 or 3 times, just this simple act of moving will improve your mood. It is simply impossible to feel depressed or low if you are producing ENERGY.

So, what is your current energy level out of 10? Measure your daily energy level. Are you a 5 or 6? Imagine you were dating someone. – would you settle for a 5?
No one can do this for you; it needs to come from within you. Only you can change the energy levels that you consistently show.

Remember: Motion Creates Emotion, so keep moving!