We all have a fantastic piece of equipment that is more powerful than the world’s most up to date computer. When its working well it can be store and retrieve all the information we come in contact with during our lifetime. Unfortunately this equipment arrives with an owner’s manual. As each model is totally unique we often encounter problems when we notice our equipment works a little differently to someone else’s.

We may notice that someone remembers more than we do in certain situations or one person understands something we don’t at some time. Maybe when we noticed things we created a belief that we couldn’t do a certain thing as well as others. Once we believe something about ourselves our subconscious does everything it can to make it true. After all our subconscious wouldn’t want to make us liars, would it? So now we believe “WE CAN’T” for a certain thing therefore we really can’t. Believing in this way causes what I call ‘blocks’. Blocks are really just obstacles that stop us form actualising our true potential.

This is where Martial Arts training can help a child or adult reprogram their brain by a combination of neural pathway exercises, physical strength exercises and NLP techniques.

Everything in life a person aspires to become is because someone instilled the belief they could achieve it.

With the help of our instructor’s guidance we can help to build children’s confidence and self esteem so they also achieve the ability to reassess how they value things and achieve what they set out to accomplish.

This is the best way to ensure that children do not succumb to the negative opinions and pressures of others but have the confidence to be a leader and develop into a responsible member of the community.

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