The video linked below is a performance of the first Kata Gekisia Di Ichi which was created by Chojun Miyagi Sensei in 1940 for introduction into the school system and to help make the average person stronger. Literally translated as ‘to destory’ it is a power Kata designed to help you combine and create power and speed for your punches, kicks, blocks and moving.

GD1 and Chokosan Defence

The kata is performed with full power and speed throughout. When practicing at home remember that the first move is to turn to the left and block Jodan Uke with your left arm.

The second portion of this video is of Chokosan Gekisia Defence which is a literal translation of the first kata done in a straight line.

Again this is performed with full power and speed thought, however it is best to practise slowly with control to build your confidence with the movements and then increase the speed. The corresponding attack will be uploaded later.

I want to thank Richard McPherson for filming the video.