I have said this before I love my job!

I get to interact with so many different people and share my passion for the Martial Arts.

I remember vividly the first time I ever went and saw a Martial Arts class with my Father back in 1988. I sat watching an Adults class and was mesmerised by what I saw.

The power, speed and dexterity that the students showed was something that I though was beyond my ability, I was however hooked.

I came away from that lesson with my Dad and could not wait to get back into class the next night to start my training.

I loved the training and all the different aspects of the style,  I was always in-awe of my instructor and I always tried to emulate him with all my techniques and katas, and ill never forget the first time I got the better of him in sparring (although it didn’t last long!!)

This sense of passion that I remember so vividly now, is something that I will take with me for the rest of my life. It is something I try to instil in my students now so they feel a sense of determination to achieve more, reach further and push themselves harder each lesson, and the more people I come into contact with the more I am able to share that passion.

So what is your passion? What is something you remember happening that made you feel as though you couldn’t wait for the next time to try that thing? Maybe you struggle to think of one clear thing and thats ok, maybe we could work together to develop that passion and drive in yourself that makes people get up early and go to bed late.

We have a new adults class starting on the 17th September at the Verwood Hub, so why not come along and watch (you don’t need to bring your Dad) or better still come and have a go. You have nothing to lose and who knows what might “spark” as a result!


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