As Martial Artists it’s always important to develop the right kind of attitude that others respect and aspire towards.

There is a constant challenge in training to hold yourself to a higher standard as a Martial Artist.

With that said its also important to remember the etiquette we use in the dojo towards our friends and training partners as well as to the idea of Disciplined training.

Below are a few things to remember about training in the Academy regardless if you’re a child, parent or adult student. Most if not all of these are to be followed every time we train and by helping to remember the small things great things will develop.

  1. Bow when you enter and leave the Dojo

The bow is an integral part of Martial arts training, not only does it show respect and humility it also reminds you to try your best and focus on the task at hand.

  1. Shoes to be taken off/ put back on by the door

When you enter and leave the dojo remember that shoes are Never to be worn across the floor by students. The idea of this is to keep the floor as clear as possible from outside debris

  1. “OS” or “Yes Sensei”

When you’re in class and a question is asked or you understand what is asked of you then either of the above term is used to express that understanding and just to show a sign of respect towards the instructor.

  1. No Jewellery during lessons

There is no jewellery to be worn during class for two main reasons

  • If you catch someone with your rings/ bracelets there is a chance of nasty injury to either your partner or yourself
  • Secondly from a hygiene reason to keep yourself and other safe

If any jewellery cannot be removed due to rings being too tight etc then they must be covered with a plaster or tape