I have the best job in the world!

I get to share my passion and enthusiasm for the Martial Arts with everyone I meet.

I have been extremely privileged to have been shown and develop a system that not only helps to develop confidence and self belief in all the children I have taught over the years but also to help improve the belief they have in themselves to set goals that are obtainable. My students are able to achieve goals within the Academy as well as personal achievements outside. This is down to the amazing system of Belief that I can help develop in any of my students.

One such example is a child I taught who was taking part in a swimming gala. In his words “I was getting near the end and feeling very tired and wanted to give up, but then I remembered a talk sensei had done in class about perseverance and never giving up!”

As a result, this child went on to success in the gala and was extremely proud of the achievement he accomplished that day.

The great thing about that particular example is it will stay with him for the rest of this life and if at any point in the future when things get tough for him he will be able to draw on that personal experience to get him through that tough time.

It is not only children who have experienced this kind of situation.

The majority of Adults that I have taught over the years are often parents of students, they sit and watch the class regularly and often think they “can’t do it” however by developing their belief in themselves great things happen! Firstly, they improve their confidence to the point where, for instance, doing a kata in front of a class would have been unthinkable before this belief in themselves and secondly, as a direct result of many parents training, the children “up their game” especially when everyone in the family is at a similar level. This helps to develop the attitude of a Black Belt across all the students and as a result many adults achieve their goals of improved fitness, improving their confidence and even the goal of Black Belt!

So if you would like any further information about goal setting, belief systems or how I can help you further please contact us.

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