Dear Parent,

If you have ever tried to introduce a new environment and your child won’t let go of your leg, or you have watched your child systematically get pushed to the back of every line in class then this report is for you!

Okay, before you panic, listen closely to what I’m about to tell you. Confidence cannot be taught. Well, hold on now, I know you were hoping it could be. But it can’t be taught. Confidence must be learned.

See, just because you understand what confidence is doesn’t mean you have it. It’s not enough to just learn what it is, you actually have to experience it to become it. So you can’t teach it but you can provide a class experience where the child can experience a feeling of confidence.

You may be wondering: “Does Every Martial Arts Academy Build This Kind Of Confidence Into Their Student Body?”

Not if it’s a pass or fail scenario. And in nine out of ten martial arts schools that’s exactly what they do. Pass or fail…Susan did well, John did badly. Yes, No. Right, Wrong. Left or Right. Up, Down. Pass or Fail.

Life will naturally serve up success/failure lessons to our children, but in a martial arts academy we have to constantly encourage and give our children the ability to deal with these life lessons. Our job is to encourage and never discourage.

Woody Allen said, “98% of success is just showing up.”

A child is not going to show up for the next class if they’re discouraged. Most schools have this pass or fail mentality and discount the children that need help the most. Our academy’s focus is for every child to succeed.

I will provide a FREE 30 day Trial for every child. I’ll talk to you and your son/daughter and explain how my programme will be able to help them become a great, well-mannered child, who possesses ‘laser-like focus’ and a level of discipline all Parents would be proud of.

Simply contact us on 01202 528660 to arrange your child’s first lesson and help them develop the Confidence that comes with our Martial Arts training program